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Vidmate APK 2018 Latest Version v3.38 Download Free

Vidmate APK 2018 Download

There are plenty of such android apps available in the market and everyday new apps are added to Google Play and other app stores but when it comes the BEST APP to watch HD videos and download them, there are only a few are able to do the job. And if you are looking to find best out of those few apps, Vidmate is the one you should get right now. Download latest Vidmate APK 2018 version v3.38 for Free right now and enjoy unlimited fun.

What Vidmate App all about?

Today we are living in ultra advanced and technologically enabled world and many tasks that used to look impossible until few years back, today they have become so easy. For example in older days, you had to give up on downloading a video that you just watched on video streaming websites but it has become so easy that it takes just click of a button to download all those videos on your device without any problem.

Vidmate APK

Vidmate is an android app available for Android smartphone and the tablets which you can download for free, install on your device and start watching HD videos or download them. This is an Android apps and made for Android devices only but with few simple workaround that we have discussed in other articles on this website, you can get Vidmate for PC, Laptop, Mac, Windows etc as well.

Take quick look at below information about Vidmate app.

Developer  Vidmate Studio
Latest Version 3.35
Updated On Feb 8, 2018
File Size 6.79 Megabytes.
User Rating 4.7 out of 5
OS Requirement Android version 2.2 and above
Total Downloads 500 million and continuing

While the other similar apps don’t work the way they suppose to do, Vidmate is pretty much efficient to do all those tasks that it intends to. You can watch and download free HD movies, TV shows and channels from 200+ options without having to pay any extra money.

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Such kind of movie streaming or video downloading apps work with internet connection and since downloading movies or streaming a video on the internet results in consumption of high bandwidth, it is advisable to get unlimited internet plan, let it be Wi-Fi or Mobile Data.

Silent Features of Vidmate App:

This feature packed android app is the first choice of the people who love to watch HD or lower quality videos on the internet or want to download on their devices. Just after its release, Vidmate app gained attention from around the world and became most preferred android app for downloading videos. It apart from being easy to navigate, have lot of features. Take a look at the important ones below:

  • Easy to download and install.
  • Easy user interface that allows you quickly chose category and channel.
  • Watch HD videos online for free.
  • Download HD videos including latest movies.
  • Let you chose quality of video you want to download – HD or lower quality.
  • Light weight app, so it doesn’t occupy much space on your device.
  • Content is neatly organised under different categories. Such as Movies, TV shows, News etc
  • Watch 200+ live channels for FREE.
  • Download videos from built-in 20+ video streaming websites with an option of adding on of your choice.
  • Pause, Replay or Stop, restart videos with ease.
  • Download option is automatically detected on the website.
  • Fast downloading speed as compared to other apps.
  • Huge list of songs ready to download.
  • Download videos as MP3.
  • Download videos in your preferred language.
  • Preview quality of video before downloading.

Download Vidmate APK 2018 for Free:

Why Vidmate app is so popular because its very easy to download and install on your android devices. It comes with huge list of features that I’ve discussed above and more new features are being added to every new version in time.

After knowing this app and the features if you want to download Vidmate APK 2018 on your device, follow below steps.

There are two methods

  • Download to device directly
  • Download to computer and transfer to mobile device.

Download Vidmate APK 2018 directly

So if you chose to download Vidmate APK 2018 directly on your mobile device or the tablet, below are the steps:

  1. Pickup your smartphone / tablet.
  2. Open your favorite browser.
  3. Click Hereto download Vidmate APK.
  4. Check the progress on notification bar.
  5. When download is completed, go to “Download folder” and you will see Vidmate APK file.

Download Vidmate APK on Computer and transfer to Mobile:

If you want to download Vidmate APK file on your computer and then transfer your mobile device, follow below steps. While some people prefer to download directly on the mobile devices, few of them want to download it on computer, save it for future and then transfer to mobile device.

  1. Log on to Computer/ Laptop.
  2. Open your favorite browser.
  3. Click Here to download  Vidmate APK file latest version.
  4. Check the status of download.
  5. Go to download folder when download is completed.
  6. You can now connect your mobile device with computer/laptop either through USB Cable or transfer the file via Bluetooth.

That all !


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