Mobdro TV: How to Install Mobdro on Smart TV

Mobdro TV: How to Install Mobdro on Smart TV

While Online streaming is becoming more and more popular, the demand of devices such as ChromeCast, Roku etc. and Smart TV are growing as well. The online TV and movie streaming apps such as Mobdro have revolunalised the way the digital content is watched. Mobdro let you stream HD Videos, Movies, TV shows and other news channel. If you want to watch content on big screen and looking for tutorial about installing Mobdro on Smart TV, read this post completely. In this article, we will teach readers to install Mobdro on Smart TV step by step.

Why Mobdro is so popular?

Since you have decided to install Mobdro on Smart TV such as Android Box, Samsung, LG, you must have fair idea why Mobdro is so popular. But for those who are looking to find more information about Mobdro app before they get it on their smartphone or smart devices, we would like to tell that Mobdro is one of the best free online video streaming app that comes with plenty of features that you would hardly find in other apps.

Mobdro on SMART TV

Mobdro is an android app that works with Wi-Fi connection or mobile data plan for streaming videos. It constantly searches for the fresh HD videos and movies on the internet and make it available for you to watch on your device. Mobdro APK can be downloaded from the internet and installed on Android devices that runs versions 4.2 and above.

Mobdro is not available for iOS and other platforms but there are workarounds that we have discussed in other articles about how to use Mobdro for iPhone, iOS, Windows, PC, Firestick etc. It could be a bad news for Android and other iOS users that this app is not available on any playstore and in case we want to install it, must have to get Mobdro APK and install it manually on preferred device.

The latest version of Mobdro APK is easily available on the internet including the official website. However, we also keep our readers updated with latest version via this post.  The developers keep on updating Mobdro app with latest features and its always good to get the updated version whenever it comes.

How to get Mobdro on Smart TV

While it is a pretty much straight forward way, some people may find it bit difficult to get Mobdro on Smart TV. The process will be more or less same for all Smart TV. Yet in case anyone faces any problem, they can get in touch with through contact page.

The process is explained step by step and anyone without any technical knowledge can follow it. Lets go ahead and see.

Step:1– The very first step of installing Mobdro on Smart TV is to allow installation from external sources or third party. By default the device’s setting are done such way that it doesn’t let you allow installation from third party. Do the following to allow it.

Go to Settings >  Personal > Security & Restrictions > Unknown Sources. Turn it on with on/off button.

Installation from unknown sources on android TV

Allow installation from Other sources on Android TVStep:2– The next step is to connect your device with internet, either through Wi-Fi or Cable. Chose appropriate settings from “Settings” tab.

Step:3– The third step is to get Google chrome on your Smart TV (Android TV) and then Mobdro. This step is further divided into below steps:

  1. Get Google Chrome for Android TV.  Watch below video to do that.                                               
  2. The next step is to get ES file explorer. You can install it from Google Play store easily.
  3. Now open Google Chrome and go to URL: and download Mobdro APK latest version.
  4. Select ES File Explorer for downloading the file.

Step:4– Go to ES File Explorer and install Mobdro app. Allow the installation to get completed and once it is done, you are ready to watch Videos and Movies on your Smart TV.

Note: You might not see Mobdro shortcut on the Home page because the app is not official available for Android TV. You will have to go apps and look for Mobdro app.

Silent Features of Mobdro app:

  • Free Online TV and Movie streaming app. Unlock more features with premium versions
  • Very easy to install.
  • Easy user interface.
  • Watch Free unlimited HD Movies
  • Watch TV Shows that you have missed.
  • Live stream 200+ channels.
  • Download, Save, Bookmark videos for premium users.
  • Neatly organised content under different categories such as News, Games, Cartoon, TV shows, Movies, Entertainment etc.
  • Watch content on bigger screen as it support chromecast.

How to get Mobdro for other devices:

Mobdro is an android app as we discussed above but with out workaround you can get it for PC/Windows/Laptop, For Kodi, For Fire HD, For iPhone, For android etc. If you are looking to download and install Mobdro for any of these devices below the links to related articles:

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