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Mobdro Apk 2018 Download – Free/ Premium Version

Mobdro Apk 2018 Download – Free/ Premium Version

Mobdro Apk 2018 Download – Free/ Premium Version
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If you like streaming videos or watching movies online, then I am sure you know how Mobdro can add extra fun to your entertainment. Mobdro app allows you to watch more than 200 channels on your smartphone or the bigger device such as Tablet. Download Mobdro apk 2018 , install it on your device and enjoy unlimited fun for FREE.

It is a Free Online TV and movie streaming mobile app which constantly searches on the internet to bring in latest movies and TV shows on your smartphone.

A reliable internet connection plays an important for all online video streaming. Whether its a website like Youtube or app like Mobdro, Cinemabox etc, all these require a good internet connection as bad internet connection can either cause movie streaming to stop or interrupt the video after while.

Mobdro have collection of latest movies, 200+ channels that includes News, Sports, Tech, Cartoon, TV shows, Movies etc and podcast. You will have access to such a huge collection of movies and TV channels for FREE once you install Mobdro apk.

Download Mobdro apk 2018 free version

Mobdro is an Android app which means you can install this beautiful app on all those devices that are running Android operating system. One thing that everyone must have to pay attention to is that your device must have Android v4.1 and above in order to get Mobdro Installed. This app is not compatible with lower version than V4.1 of Android OS.

Whether you are installing Mobdro on your Smartphone or Android Tablet, make sure you have Android v4.1 and above.

The freemium version subscribers can take advantage of all the features except 3 important features that only the premium subscribers enjoy. One thing that annoy  me with freemium version is the in-app ads which get clicked accidentally and take you to other website. If you can cope with those ads, you are good to go with free version.

The developers keep on updating app to latest version after fixing the errors that have been reported to them. The current version fixes several errors and if you haven’t installed Mobdro apk 2018, download it now from below link.

Download Mobdro Latest Version Apk

Features of Mobdro apk 2018 FREE version

The features of Mobdro app are unlimited and it wouldn’t be possible for me to list them all. Hence, I’m listing down some important features of freemium version of Mobdro app. Take a look:

  • FREE to download
  • 200+ Channels to watch TV shows, Movies
  • Listen to Podcast
  • Neat and Clean User interface.
  • Live Videos (new feature in latest version)
  • In-app guide in case you need to look for the help.
  • Watch latest Movies FREE
  • Watch latest TV shows FREE
  • Update to latest version from in-app itself, dont need to download latest mobdro apk and install again.
  • Search box to search Movie or TV shows you are willing to watch
  • Since the app constantly search internet for latest Movies & TV Shows, you will have something new to watch everytime.
  • Share the movie or TV show you are currently watching with your friends.

Mobdro Latest version

How to upgrade to Mobdro Premium version

The freemium version itself is so entertaining, think about having premium version with additional feature which you don’t get in freemium version. Apart from all above features that I’ve listed for freemium version, you have several more and most important features being a premiumber subscribers that will surely add more fun to your entertainment.

Steps to upgrade to Mobdro premium version

The process is very very simple and you can upgrade to Mobdro Premium version in few simple steps. See the process:

Step:1- Download the latest FREEMIUM version of Mobdro apk 2018 from above link.

Step:2- Install Mobdro apk (Click here to See how to install)

Step:3- Now click on the menu on upper left corner and click “Go Premium” button as show in below image.

Mobdro apk 2018

Step:4- It will then ask you to make the payment. Once the payment is done, you will become a premium subscribers. All the ads will be removed and you will be able to take advantage of Mobdro app as premium members. Save Videos, watch it on bigger screen and remove those ads.

Mobdro Premium Version Features

Below are the important additional three features a premium subscribers would be able to access:

Save the Movie in your Device

Once you become premium subscribers after making payments, the premium features get activated. Now you can save the video or the movies that you were watching and watch it later. This is the feature that only premium subscribers would be able to have access to.

Remove ads

Once you upgrade to the premium subscribers after sign up and making payments, all the ads from Mobdro will get removed automatically. The Mobdro app looks super clean without in-app ads. You don’t get distracted by those annoying apps that popup suddenly when you browse categories or the TV channels.

Use Premium version on other device

After  becoming a paid subscribers, you will have an account with Mobdro and if you want to use the premium version on other device, you can do so. All you have to do is to install Mobdro apk 2018 and have the same account you have made purchase from.

ChromeCast support

If you are fan of watching movies and TV shows on bigger screen, Mobdro has considered it as well. The premium subscribers of Mobdro app have support for Chromecast to watch content from your smartphone or table to large screen TV.

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