Apps like Mobdro

Mobdro Alternatives: Apps like Mobdro

Mobdro Alternatives: Apps like Mobdro
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We need to get Mobdro alternatives in case for some reasons it doesn’t work for us. Mobdro is primarily made for Android devices but the methods I’ve discussed under different categories can help to get Mobdro for iPhone, Mobdro for Kindle Fire, Mobdro for Android, Mobdro for PC, Mobdro for Kodi etc.

Mobdro Alternatives: Apps like Mobdro

However, I still sometime hear from the people complaining Mobdro isn’t working for them. If that is the case and if you are among those people struggling to get Mobdro, I’ll list down few Mobdro alternatives app that you can install on your smartphone enjoy similar function as Mobdro.

Mobdro apk

Mobdro like I’ve discussed in my previous articles constantly searches for new content on the internet and bring it on Mobdro itself. It works with internet connection so having a reliable and unlimited internet connection is a key here. If you internet is not reliable and gets on/off frequently, you can’t take full advantage of this beautiful app.

There are more than 4000 channels to watch on Mobdro and those are completely free. Apart from that you can listen to Postcasts, Watch movies of your choice without having to spend even a single penny.

It become even more entertaining when you don’t disturbed by those in-app ads which are a source of earning for the Mobdro developers. Each time you click on the ad and visit website, Mobdro earn some money. You can get rid of those ads which may disturb you while watching your favorite show or movie on Mobdro by upgrading it to premium version.

With premium version, you will not only be able to avoid ads, but you will be able to capture your favorite movie or the show and save/download on the device you are accessing Mobdro from. The saved movie can be watched later without an internet connection.

Mobdro Alternatives

If, for some reasons Mobdro doesn’t work, you can chose to install any of below alternatively. Though all of them have different interface and functionality but the core purpose of all of these apps is watch movies/tv shows on the internet. Let’s take a look at these alternatives.

Cinemabox –

In my list of Mobdro alternatives apps, I’ve put Cinemabox on the top because of several reasons. Cinema Box just like Mobdro allows you to watch Movies, TV show on the internet without having to pay anything. Unlike Mobdro, Cinema Box is available for iOS devices as well.

There is no premium versions of Cinema Box app and you will have to deal with ads while you watch content through this app. Cinema Box just Mobdro search for new content on the internet and bring it the latest one for you to watch.

Mobdro Alternatives -Cinema-Box

It also supports Google Chrome Cast so that you can watch content from Cinemax Box on bigger screen TV if you have to. Moreover, it also supports Apple TV, again for watching content for bigger screen. The one of the important feature of Cinema Box is KIDS MODE that will restrict content that shouldn’t be available for the children.

Cinemax Box is pretty easy to use and have great interface that will let you browse through the content without any problem. Like Mobdro app, Cinema Box also searches internet and bring latest content for you to watch.

Download Cinema Box APK

ShowBox –

The other great alternative of Mobdro app is Show Box. It allows you to latest HD movies and TV shows free of cost. Its very easy to use and choosing content from different category is super easy.

Showbox is available for Android, iOS, Windows and by by downloading apk file of ShoxBox app, you can install it on other platforms as well. This light weight app is one of the most searched app on the internet that have lots of great movies and shows in its database.


All the above apps be it Mobdro, Cinema Box or ShowBox, it works with internet. Its the same thing as you need an internet for video streaming at Youtube.

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