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Mobdro Not Working {Fixed}- Parse Error, Check Connection

Mobdro Not Working {Fixed}- Parse Error, Check Connection
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Have you been trying to fix Mobdro not working error on your Android, Chrome Cast or Kodi? Are you tired of searching solution of this problem on the internet but not able to find any?

If you are among the people who have been facing problem with Mobdro app installed on their devices, this post could be a savior for them because today with this post, I’ll be resolving their problem.

Mobdro Not Working Error {Fixed}

Installation of Mobdro apk on your devices is very simple yet some people aren’t able to install it properly that may stop Mobdro working on your device. However, in some cases which are reported to me, people complained that, Mobdro was working fine for earlier and now its not.

There could be various reason why Mobdro is not working on your device and I’ll try to cover all of them, atleast the major ones so that this post could help the maximum number of people facing problem with Mobdro.

The error can be annoying and last until you fix it. However, its not easy either to fix Mobdro not working error because there is not much information available on the internet. In most of the cases, people become so frustrated that they find uninstalling the app much better solution than fixing Mobdro not working issue.

Yes, I can understand the frustration of a user who keeps getting the same error over and again. But don’t worry, I’ll give the solutions.

Why Mobdro not working?

Before we move ahead with the solutions, one must need to understand that, the developers keep on updating the app with new features and functions, hence sometimes it becomes important to force-update to the latest version. Sometimes your internet doesn’t work fine that stops Mobdro.

If you have watched videos on Youtube and other videos streaming websites, you must have an idea that the video stops whenever the internet connection goes off. Or the video starts to pause and play over and again because the internet speed is very low. Same is the case with Mobdro.

Mobdro is an Online TV and Movie/video streaming app which constantly searches for the latest content on the internet. Hence, it needs a reliable internet connection with considerably faster speed.

The reasons of “Mobdro not working” error for different devices like FireStick, Kodi, Chromecast, Android devices would be different and since there is not much solutions available on the internet, people give up on resolving this issue.

Based on the errors and problems that people have reported on their iPhone, iPad, Android, FireStick, Kodi, Roku, SmartTV and other devices, I will try to provide solution for all those errors. I hope it will help not only those people, but to others too who are facing similar error for a long time.

How to fix “Mobdro not working” and other common errors

Before we go ahead and try to fix any error that we get on any device is to understand what causing this problem. Unless we don’t understand the error well, it becomes difficult for us to fix it. However, I’ve done this job for most of the people and they need not to figure out what causing the error. They can use this time for other things that they otherwise have wasted in figuring out the error.

While there could be hundreds of errors that cause Mobdro to stop functioning, here is the few common errors that people may encounter and their solutions. It is very important you read the solution that I’m giving in this post carefully and don’t rush !


Parse error is caused to Android version. If your Android device running version lower than Android 4.1, there is high chances that you keep getting this problem.

As I said earlier, the developers of Mobdro keep on updating the app with new features and internal technology that requires Android 4.1 and above version of Android mobile operating system. The best if you could upgrade to the latest version !


This is the most annoying error as it appears whenever you try to stream a Movie or a channel. Imagine a situation when you have to urgently watch a News on a particular news channel and you encounter this error, it will make you really unhappy.

Mobdro not working

The solution of this problem is to install OPERA VPN app. Go to Google Play and search for Opera VPN or simply Click here. Download & Install the app, connect & chose server location, close all the tab and re-start Mobdro. It should fix this error !


I think the error itself explains a lot about why we are getting this error. “Check your Connection” means your internet connection is either turned off or have very low speed.

You will keep getting this error until you fix internet connection. Mobdro constantly searching internet for the latest Movies and TV shows hence a reliable and stable internet connection is a mandatory requirement.

If your internet connection is not stable, i.e it keeps turning on/off, you are liking to encounter this error. Check your internet connection and make sure its reliable and have constantly good speed.


If your device running lollypop and above version of Android operating system, you may encounter this error. But don’t worry the simple fix that I’m discussing should resolve this error.

Got to settings > About Phone > Find the build version and tap seven times. Scroll down and look for “Use Awesome player“. Tap on it to enable and restart your device. You should have the error fixed !


It happens mainly because Mobdro shows only those video streaming which are available on the internet. In case the video that you have bookmarked earlier is not available on the internet, there is high chances you wouldn’t see under bookmarked streaming videos as well. Means the video has taken down, you have no control on that.


The Mobdro app officially supports Chrome Cast and hence there is no special procedure of installation or set up. All you have to do is to Download Mobdro on your Android device and Chrome cast will automatically be detected. Once its done, you can cast movies or other content from your device to big screen.

Sometimes users encounter Mobdro Not working error on Chrome cast. The main cause of this error is heavy traffic on Mobdro sever. If you keep getting Mobdro not working error, you must have to wait for sometime till the load on the server becomes low.

However, the other potential cause of getting this error on Chrome cast is Mobdro version. What exactly happening here is, all you play on your Smartphone is being played on big screen with Chrome cast. Hence, if Mobdro doesn’t work on your device itself, it wouldn’t work on Chrome cast too. Update Mobdro to the latest available version and it should fix this error.


The major cause of Mobdro not working error for Kodi user is improper installation of Mobdro app. The reinstallation of Mobdro on Kodi may resolve the problem.

In other cases even after the installation was done right (you know it was installed well because it worked for earlier) and get the error, there is high chances that you are using outdated version of Mobdro APK. Download the latest version of Mobdro apk for Kodi. See the complete instruction on How to install Mobdro on Kodi

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