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How to Download Mobdro for iPhone

How to Download Mobdro for iPhone
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Mobdro was developed for Android devices at first but we will discuss how to get Mobdro for iPhone or if there is an alternative of it. Its a free online TV and movies streaming app that keep on searching internet and pull out latest movies, tv shows, channels and podcasts. It is available for Android devices and Laptop/PC with tweak that I’ve explained in other article on this article.

How to download Mobdro for iPhone

When we first wrote this article, Mobdro for iPhone was available but at the moment the iPhone user’s can’t enjoy this beautiful movies streaming app because of terms and conditions of Apple. According to the company they don’t allow app that doesn’t self-host the content.

MobdroBut the iPhone lovers need not to get disheartened because there is one close alternatives of Mobdro. Since Mobdro for iPhone isn’t available, you can get this app for iPhone to do all the things that Android device owners do with Mobdro.

Mobdro for iPhone

As I said Mobdro for iPhone isn’t available and we need to look for close alternative of this app. Don’t worry, you need to waste your time to first find a similar apps, then test them to know if they offers same features as Mobdro. I’ve done this boring and time wasting part and brought you a very similar app that you can install on your iPhone and enjoy almost same feature as Mobdro.

With Mobdro you can do the following…..

  • Stream Movies and Videos free
  • Watch thousands of Channels on your device
  • Record and save video on your device
  • Share the video with your friends what you are watching
  • Watch Online TV free
  • Get movies, tv shows, channels on TV with chrome cast.
  • Always fresh content.

You can do most of the stuff that I’ve discussed above for Mobdro with an app called Cinema Box ! Yes Cinema box is a great alternative to Mobdro which can be downloaded for iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices free of cost.

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Unliked Mobdro for iPhone, Cinema Box is available in ONE version only which is available for FREE. However just like freemium version of Mobdro, you need to bear ads that appear within the app while you use Cinemabox. Cinema-Box

There is no preimium version that you could buy in order to get rid of those ads. So make up your mind, you have to deal with ads that pop up while you use Cinema Box for iPhone, iPad etc.

How to get Alternative of Mobdro for iPhone

So we by now understood that Cinema Box is one of the close alternative of Mobdro that you can download and install on your iPhone and other iOS devices. Follow below method to get it.

Step: 1 – You need to sign off Apple ID (critical)

Step: 2 – Download Cinemabox app from HERE

Step: 3 – Tap the downloaded file and let the installation completed.

Step:4 – You will be prompted to enter Apple ID & password. You can cancel that and continue with Cinema Box App.

Enjoy !

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Cinemabox is one of the great alternative of Mobdro that can be installed on iPhone, iPad, iPod etc but it may happen that when you try to download Cinema Box app, the link is broken. In that case you can try below alternatives and for the installation, you can follow same procedure that you have followed for installation of Cinemabox app. Here is the other alternatives:

  • MegaBox HD
  • AirPlayit

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