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Download & Install Mobdro for Android devices

Download & Install Mobdro for Android devices
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Android is one of the best operating system powering major chunk of mobile devices in today’s market. We see lots of new apps in different categories are being launched for Android devices. In this post, I’ll be talking about one of the most popular entertainment app called Mobdro. I’ll teach the readers to get Mobdro for Android devices while giving brief introduction about this stunning app.

Download & Install Mobdro for Android devices

So Mobdro is a movie streaming and online tv app that constantly searches for new content on the internet and brings you in one place. With Mobdro, you can stream movies, watch TV shows, sport/news/cartoon channels and listen to podcasts absolutely free. There is no fee for downloading Mobdro for Android.

However, Mobdro are available in two different versions – Freemium & Premium.

Mobdro Freemium version

If you have been using android smartphone, you must be knowing most of the free apps have ads and it bother you while using these apps. You really wish there was no ads so that you could enjoy uninterrupted fun with such apps. But these kinds of ads are the source of income for the app developers.

The creator or the developers of such apps get paid when you watch ads within the apps and that’s how they make money to keep apps updated with latest features.

Mobdro Preimum Version

There is another version of Mobdro which is called premium version where you need to pay to use Mobdro on your android device. The advantage of going for premium version is you will not see ads within the app that will double your entertainment with Mobdro.

Moreover, with premium version, you can record videos and save in your device. Once videos are saved, you can watch them anytime without an internet connection.

Why should you get Mobdro for Android devices

If you are using Android smartphone or the tablet, I’m sure you use it for many other things as well not just for making and receiving voice/video calls because the smartphone aren’t mere object that is used for calls but its a mini computer and use for different purposes such as watching videos, playing games, surf internet and check emails etc.

There are lots of use of the smartphone but when it comes to entertainment, the apps like Mobdro which is an Online TV and Movie streaming app can keep you engaged for hours. Whether you are waiting for metro train at the station or for the flight at the airport or took a taxi to reach to a particular destination that may take sometime, Mobdro will be your great companion.

There are lots of movies, tv shows, news and sport channels you can scan through and watch any of your choice. For example if you have to watch current news flashing on CNBC or CNN but you have no TV around you, you can pick your smartphone, start Mobdro app and check out the news.

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The biggest advantage of Mobdro is that, its completely free to use and constantly brings you latest movies and tv shows that you might have missed last night. If you can cope with ads within Mobdro app, the freemium version is not a bad choice.

One thing to note here is that, you need to get a reliable and fast internet connection else the streams wouldn’t be good and it will frustrate you. And the other important thing is, since its an streaming app, it will consume lots of data. Therefore it is always advisable to get unlimited data/Wi-Fi plan to avoid big internet charges.

Mobdro Categories

There are lots of different categories you can watch content from. The most important one which I watch often is Movie. Each time I open movie category, there are different movies since it constantly searches for new content from the internet. Below are the categories you can watch content from:

  • Movies
  • Channels
  • News
  • Shows
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Gaming
  • Animals
  • Tech
  • Podcasts
  • Spiritual
  • Other

So you can see there is many different categories. If you watch to watch movies, just click on movie category and you will have a long list of all available movies. Tap and watch whichever you want. Similarly if you have to watch the score of soccer tournament, just head over to sport category and chose channel which telecasting this particular match.

Under Channels categories, you have several channels such as HBO, Cartoon Network, Discovery, Animal Planet, BBC, National Geographic etc. Tap on any channel you want to watch and it will start streaming. Make sure you have Data/Wi-Fi turned on !

How to download and Install Mobdro for Android devices

Installation of Mobdro on Android is super simple. You just need to follow the steps that I’m going to discuss in below tutorial.

Mobdro app was made for Android devices only when it was launched but later when the developer saw its success they released it for other platforms as well like iPhone, Blackberry etc.

At the moment, Mobdro is available for Android only again and with tweaks that you may find here on this blog, you can use it for iOS, for PC, Laptop. Kindle etc.

Watch your favorite Movie, TV show or stream videos on your android smartphone completely free with Mobdro app. Mobdro app searches on internet and keep updating list of movies, tv shows etc.

If you have android tablet, you can install Mobdro on it too because the process I’m going to discuss is not just for smartphone, it applies for Tablet as well. However if you want to watch content on even bigger screen such as TV, you can do that as well with Chrome cast as it has support for the same.

Pre-requisite of getting Mobdro for Android

  • An android device.
  • Reliable and Fast Internet connection.
  • Battery backup upto 50%
  • Atleast 40 MB available space.

Process –

Step: 1- The very first step is to go to phones settings and tick checkbox and allow installation from sources other than Goolge Play.

Allow installationWe need to do that because, we will not download Mobdro from Google play since it has been removed from there. We will download apk file and install it manually.

Step: 2 – Go to Mobdro official website and download Mobdro apk file. You can simply click here to download apk file.

Step:3 – Go to download folder on your phone, and click downloaded Mobdro apk file.

Mobdro for Android

It will prompt you as shown in above image. Hit NEXT to continue with installation process.

Step:4 – It will take sometime for the process to get completed. When you receive a message saying “App Installed” you are done ! Congratulations, You’ve installed Mobdro for Android.

Mobdro installed

You can now click Open and browse through the app to understand how it works. You will see a complete list of categories such as Channels, New, Shows Movies etc and you can tap any of these categories to check out whats there inside.

If you are willing to watch movies, you can go to movies categories and select movie that you want to watch. Again this app works with internet connection hence it becomes important that you have a reliable internet connection.

The free version would have ads running at the button and between the list of channels of this app that can be removed if you buy the premium version. Also you will be able to download the content, such as movies and tv shows with premium version and watch it later offline.

While you use this app you may come across errors like “praise error” or “Check your connection”. For the praise error you need to check android version your device is running. To run this app successfully,the android device must have android version 4.1 or above.

The other error is linked with internet connection. If you have a bad internet connection or there is interruption with internet connection, you may get error asking you to check connection, hence the advise – get a reliable internet connection.

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